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IF you are an extremely talented and hard-working individual who wants to join our family, we welcome you and your talents. If you are an obtuse, myopic, and lazy System 1 thinker who loves echo chambers and argues by slinging logical fallacies as a fan would fling fecal matter... please take your talents to one of our competitors. As we grow, we'll keep on hiring; even if there's no room now, that will change in time and we want you on our radar as soon as possible.

If you are different than the bunch of white men on the "Tech Team" page, we consider that an asset, in and of itself, not a detriment. We are actively recruiting diversity and view divergent experience and opinion as an asset, a strength. Conversely, the notion that a lack of respect is somehow acceptable or worthy is the only divergent opinion we won't tolerate. It's that simple.

And always, we promise you our respect and integrity.


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