Selected Partners

The following represents just a small smattering of the partnerships that we are currently implementing. These companies are a representative sample of how we can potentially help, or integrate, with you and your company, to the benefit your customers.

Please be clear, we are data agnostic, meaning that we are willing and able to leverage whatever telematics solution you currently have, if you have one. For example, the safe driving app EverDrive, below, is not a customer of Here Technologies, the telematics solution we listed as a selected partner. 



EverDrive is a safe-driving app with over 500,000 drivers across the United States. EverDrive wanted to reward safe drivers with auto-insurance priced to how well their customers drive, went looking for the ideal auto insurance partner, and found us.

In Motion Insurance, they found a data-driven and technologically capable partner that could work with their needs on their terms, which included generating estimated insurance savings from anonymized data and allowing for the purchase and maintenance of insurance from directly inside their app.


Here Technologies

Here Technologies is one of the world's leaders in mapping tech. Beyond just maps and logistics, they are data leaders who are integrated deeply into many of the world's leading auto manufacturers.

While Here Technologies is not our only mapping/ telematics data integration partner, their unique data and deep integration directly into OEMs makes them the ideal partner to insure the future of autonomous-driving technologies and provide deep, seamless integration with a future of mobility that includes fractional vehicle ownership, vehicle subscriptions, and the like.


Founder shield

FounderShield is the premier insurance broker for startups innovating every possible space you can imagine. When a startup in the gig/ sharing economy needs a unique auto insurance solution that includes a deep and tightly-integrated implementation, they call Motion Insurance.