Our Tech Product Team

Great teams make great products. Great products make happy customers. This isn't our full team, but this is the core team you'll be interfacing with as we work with you to deliver the best insurance experience ever to your customers.


A. Nonymous, Co-Founder & CEO

Everyone loves some mystery, and our super-awesome CEO is the mystery of the "Tech Team" page. He'll reveal himself soon, don't worry. Until then, just know that he's sat at the intersection of technology and auto insurance for more than a decade, and personally knows all the players, along with their capabilities and limitations.

Some of the members of the team have known the CEO for many years, e.g. Daniel has known him for more than a decade, and they decided to join the company knowing that he regularly accomplishes the impossible, frequently before breakfast.

While not for the faint of heart, building an insurance company from scratch comes with many advantages including flexibility, speed, and a clean slate (i.e. no technical debt).

It's why we decided to build an insurance company from the ground up, and it's also why we should be your first choice as an insurance partner.

Daniel Weisman, Co-Founder & CIO

Daniel is a data junkie who thinks in models, and if you're unfortunate enough to end up in a conversation with him, you'll find your conversation rapidly progressing through key performance metrics, behavioral economics, available data, proof of causality, and statistical validity. He's excited to change our perception of insurance and relishes the unique data opportunities available to the industry.

Please don't ask him about the spreadsheet of hypotheses he wants to test unless you have hours of time.

He codes neural nets in Python, in addition to more prosaic A.I. techniques, and attended Columbia University where he majored in Economics and Philosophy, with a focus on statistical methods for Economics and logic/ philosophy of science for Philosophy.

He was also privileged to be a paid mentee in a prestigious work-learn with NASA/ JPL, doing data analysis on protein composition of reproductive cells in space, tectonic plate movement, and GPS systems.


Robert Lake, CTO

Robert is an Innovative Data Science / Advanced Analytics Executive who builds high-performance data science teams, cultivates collaborative relationships, and builds/ manages complex, multi-dimensional databases with particular attention to securing PII, end-to-end. His approach is to simplify the complexity surrounding big data and analytics while creating self-belief in others that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

Robert is passionate about accelerating the value of companies and organizations through their decision-making systems. He was the subject of an article “Data Science as a Team Sport” by TDWI. His work, specifically in relation to building and managing Cisco's data science and analytics "Center of Excellence", has also been highlighted in the top-selling book “Analytics: How to win with intelligence” by John K Thompson and Shawn Rogers.

Robert received his BSc (Hons) Computer Science and MSc Advanced Manufacturing Systems from Teesside University, United Kingdom.


Leo Langinger, Sr. Engineer

Leo is originally a classically-trained jazz musician who plays a host of instruments and, at 16, found himself in Barcelona playing with some of Spain’s foremost Jazz musicians.

After attending Berklee College of Music he went on to write music for tv, ads, and award-winning indie projects.

Though his love of writing music has not faded, he realized that his passion for helping bring life to his clients’ vision, combined with his love of all things tech, made him a perfect fit for web and mobile engineering.

A preternaturally quick study, he has now been putting himself in end-users' shoes building React apps for the web and React-Native apps for mobile, with artistic flair, for some years.


Yu-kai Chou, Advisor

Sometimes, having a clean slate is the biggest opportunity. Starting from this clean slate, we asked ourselves, "How can we make people WANT to drive safer and better?"

This is where Yu-kai comes in. Yu-kai is a gamification pioneer, world-renowned gamification expert, author of Actionable Gamification and international keynote speaker who has keynote addressed @ Stanford, Google, LEGO, and TEDx.

A long-time friend of Daniel's, Yu-kai is helping us explore and implement a singular experience that not only results in safer drivers, but also helps mitigate fraud and turns social responsibility into a friendly competition.